February month astrology for virgo

Monthly Horoscope Virgo February 12222

Lots of communication between you, fluid until the 17th, then, will come a more introspective time. Your other half and yourself will be inclined to pay attention to each other and this reciprocity will naturally produce a beautiful harmony.

Love started to improve on January 5 and will get even better this month. On the 10th, Mercury, the ruler of your Horoscope — and a very important planet — moves into your 7th house. Then on the 19th the Sun moves into your house of love and stays there for the rest of the month. You are in a yearly love and social peak. The two most spiritual planets in your chart occupy the 7th house this month — Neptune, the generic spiritual planet, and the Sun, the ruler of your spiritual house.

This gives us many messages. Spiritual compatibility has been important in love for some years now and this month becomes even more important. With spiritual compatibility the knottiest problems can be worked out, but without it, very little can be solved. Love has been idealistic for many years, but now even more so. Love is ultra-romantic this month — dreamily romantic. Virgo will have to try very hard to get straight this month.

Virgo Rising ~ Decans 1, 2 & 3

Fortune will not be beneficial, and spending will be more than budget revenues. The forecast improvement is only after the 20th of February.

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People in relationships at the beginning of the month will experience beautiful, romantic moments, full of ecstasy and unforgettable. After the 17th of February between partners, however, there will be significant differences of opinion, and only a compromise will save them from a love. Single people will not look for a partner with a big heart, but one who will help them solve their problems including financial issues. A month during which the prospects for your children are fairly good but only after going over several problem areas since the augury from the stars is a mixed one.

Those in the process of arriving at some decision that could effect their future should be helped in arriving at the correct decision.

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Most children would need to have their competitive edges sharpened by a dose of inspiration from their parents. They must want to win and persevere in their attempts.

Virgo Love Horoscope

She can analyze smallest of details and arrive at sm Login Sign Up. Overview: The transit of Jupiter in your forth house will create peaceful environment at home front from 5th November onwards. Foreign journeys and investments will empower you to get a step closer towards your goals. One of your senior will recognize your problems and help you get out of this mental dilemma and support you to get promotion as well. Patience and understanding is the key to a happy marriage. You will observe an improvement in this condition after 15th November when Sun will come out of your second house of wealth.

However try not to place assets in business and likewise avoid exchange of money during this period.

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  6. Work trips will turn out to be majorly profitable and hence will enhance your financial status. You will participate in sports and other extra-curricular activities.

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