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Libra Zodiac Sign: Personality Traits and Sign Dates | Allure

Tattoos Transparent. Gemini: June July Cancer: July Aug.

Leo: Aug. Virgo: Sept. Libra: Oct. Scorpio: Nov.

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Ophiuchus: Nov. That's why it's good to balance that by being in your own corner, no matter what. If your Sun sign is Libra, you're at home with friends, and that's how you find yourself.

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You are gifted in the art of conversation and this is how you work out your thoughts. There's something wonderful about you; that is priceless in our time of chaos and conflict. It's your ability to make peace and see all sides of a situation. This natural skill makes you a trusted observer that friends seek out for your opinion.

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Everyone benefits when you make it your mission to add beauty to the world. You're naturally drawn to the harmonious and uplifting in culture. And you can be disturbed by violence and the degrading especially of women and girls in culture. You're Venus -ruled, which means you're very artful, and often preoccupied with your own looks. Both young men and young women tend to go for classic looks, and elegant, even dressy styles. You might not mind, for example, dressing up for a wedding, or going out to dinner.

You have a hard time when there's a lot of arguing around you. And nothing makes you angrier than seeing someone treated unfairly. But sometimes you pick up habits of avoiding conflict, out of that same desire for a peaceful environment.

It's important to be true to yourself, even if that throws off the equilibrium temporarily. The constellation Libra, the scales, is often shown with one pan disrupted by the pincers of the Scorpion. And one of the challenges for the Libra teen is knowing when to take the risk to grow—and go through that disruption—and when to come back into balance.

This comes through trial and error, in the course of life.


It's strengthened by trusting your own instinct for balance, while also living out the opposite sign Aries , and taking creative risks to grow. Libra's element is Air. Air signs are bright-minded and social.